5 Element Essential Oils

The five elements provide the foundation for the entire physical world. Divine sciences recognises these elements–Space (Ether), Air, Fire, Water, and Earth as the building blocks of all material existence. All organic and inorganic substances are combinations of these elements.
Human Emotional & Physical Well-being is also dependant on the balance of these five elements. Depending upon the situation in our day to day life all these elements play a vital role.
FIRE BLEND - The Fire blend ignites passion and drive; motivating energy and achievement for when we are feeling tired, burnt out (the marathon lifestyle) or to calm us when we have too much energy.
EARTH BLEND - The Earth oil blend grounds you, enhancing feelings of stability and security, peacefulness and contentment; uplifting to the spirit when we find ourselves a little depressed or low and need a 'pick me up'.
WATER BLEND - This blend helps bringing you the sensitive, emotional sympathy of Water's essence; encouraging compassion, insight and relaxation for when we feel too sensitive and vulnerable or when we have the 'leave me alone world' feeling.

AIR BLEND - The Air blend enhances communication and opens the mind; generating clear, creative thinking, great for when we are doing promotions, training, any time we need to be alert.
SPACE (ETHER) BLEND - What comes to your mind when you just look at the clear sky in the early hours of the day? This blend brings utmost joy, humbleness, openness, liberty and an immaculate ray of hope and light to me.  
  • Aromatherapy in Vaporisers, Pot Potpourri's, Linen & Room Sprays.
  • Couple of drops while having a bath or shower will give a magical experience.
  • Add to your unscented range of body products as desired or depending the balance you require.


  • Every element has its own properties. Depending on the situation & the energy vibration needed, these blends can be used as required.
  • Please use the product description to understand the properties of each blend and then make the selection of elemental energy as needed.  
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