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This Workshop teaches you the connection between the Cosmos and Human Beings - It then teaches you the method of creating an intricate relationship of energies of an individual to the cosmos. Once the energy patterns are understood it goes in depth to teach you the techniques needed to balance and manage these energies using the Cosmic Blends.

The science of cosmic forces has been referred to in ancient records from China, India, Tibet, Arabian, Egypt and Israel through the concepts of Vibrational healing modalities. They work with the Universal Energy to make energy flow adjustments in individuals, places of worship, homes and places of work. The planets symbolize the universal principles which regulate all energy functions in any organic whole. Planets actually characterize the mode of energy exchange between the individual human being and the universal storehouse. 

During its lifespan, a plant will absorb and store immense energies gathered from the cosmos. Being a highly concentrated form of this plant energy, essential oils are many times more potent than using the plant itself. 

Cosmic Blends - By combining the properties of the essential oils with the aspects of planets and potentials found in a person's psyche, a personal essential oil blend is created. This blend is used to assist a person to maintain their direction and their focus as they work to fulfil their potential on their life path. The blends can help in Shifting, enhancing, reducing / adding vibrations and they can be used to make things happen to your will


  • Introduction & Concept
  • Cosmic Energy Therapy
  • Our Cosmos – Importance Of Planets
  • Our Birth – The Glynn Theory
  • Cosmos & the Human Relationship


  • Understanding the 9 Cosmic Energies 
  • Relationship of Cosmos to Individual Personalities
  • Understanding the Cosmos & Emotions 
  • Creating a personalised Cosmic Energy Chart
  • Essential oils and Cosmic Therapy
  • How to apply Cosmic Oil Blends
  • Herbs and Cosmology 
  • Crystal & Gemstone Healing
  • Learn Health Predispositions based on Cosmology 


  • Concept Of Cosmic Energy Management
  • Methods Of Administering Cosmic Blends
  • DIY Energy Attunement Techniques


  • Application Methods
  • Summary & Conclusion
  • Case Studies & Examples
  • Question & Answer Session


  • Written Material & Guide
  • Cosmic Essential Oil Blend Kit including all the 9 x Cosmic Blend Concentrates Worth $199


  • The courses are conducted regularly and can be organized for an individual or a small group. 
  • This workshop can be booked online via our shopping cart.