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Body and Zen has developed a series of easy-to-follow DIY help modules covering a wide range of projects for Spirituality, Health, Business & Lifestyle. We write these guides and papers with experiences and research. They are written to the point , so you can get the relevant information directly and implement actions without delay. There are no lengthy introductions or references - once you get the concept you will be able to do your own research. The aim is put you in the right direction from start so you don't waste time and money. 

  • All of our publications are created with intensive research, with the intention to inspire readers to live an enlightened lifestyle.
  • Content provided is clear, concise, accurate, researched and tested.
  • These publications will save the readers a lot of time and money. The trialled and tested techniques will get them started on the right path without fail.
  • One can easily access information about a particular topic of interest without spending hours reading volumes to discover exactly what you are looking for.
  • This means you can immediately perform the technique effectively and experience benefits for yourself and others.
  • Information contained in these books will open the mind of the ardent reader – one then has to work with his or her own personal understanding and intuitive skill to master the concept.
  • It puts the person on the right path to develop skills, with patience, experience and with further research they will be able to develop their own skills. 


Most of our books have our one of a kind "Free Subscription Plan". When users purchase a book, they will automatically become an active subscriber of this plan for lifetime. This will automatically give them "Free Unlimited Updates" as released related to that particular title. 

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