Energy Healing Courses

Join us for a day of exploring and experiencing Yogic anatomy and physiology. Discover the beauty and intricacy of the subtle energy that pulses through our energetic and mental bodies. Learn ways to increase energy levels naturally with postures, breathing and mantra.

Become skilled at identifying blocked energy channels and acquire techniques to clean and clear them.

  • Learn how the Chakra & Nadi (Energy Channels) work
  • How to use Breath to manage energy channels
  • Find out how the Cosmos influences the Energy Currents
  • Learn techniques to manipulate energy and apply corrective techniques.


  • Learn about yourself and others  to improve health and well being.
  • Increase your knowledge on how your body and mind relates to the Universal Energy.   
  • Become a Healer ~ Learn how to heal yourself and others.                                
  • If you are already an Healer the add another dimension to your treatments.
  • Use it to supplement your income on part time or full time business.
  • Make a career as an Energy Healer,


  • Anyone who has interest in Yoga, Spirituality, Tantra or Similar Modalities. 
  • Someone looking at improving their Well Being.
  • Wanting to learn Healing as a hobby or professional basis.
  • Making a Career out of Complimentary Medicine & Healing on Part Time or Full Time Basis.
  • Suites existing Healers, Psychic Medium Readers, Reiki Practitioners wanting to add another dimension to their practice.
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