Essential Oil Blends


Recently, the study of the physical and emotional effects of aromatics has become a specialised aspect of herbalism, now widely known as aromatherapy. Aroma therapists employ both the phytochemical properties of essential oils (e.g. anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory etc.) which render them effective remedies, as well as utilising their more etheric qualities as therapeutics for the mind and spirit. 

  • Using essential oils to alleviate both physical and emotional symptoms is one of the most popular of all the complementary therapies. 
  • Apart from Massage there are many other ways of delivering essential oils to the nervous and circulatory systems of the body and olfactory centre of the brain. Oils can be added to a bath or footbath, inhaled from a bowl of hot water, applied in lotions or compresses, used in a mouthwash vaporised on an oil burner, and, very occasionally, applied directly to the skin or taken orally, although this is not advocated by all aroma therapists.
  • Essentials oils may also relieve physical complaints.
  • At Body and Zen we have developed Signature Essential Oil Blends for Energy Balancing & Well-being. 

CHAKRA ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS: Through Massage, reflection, meditation and energy work using essential oils is thought to help restore specific balance to each of the chakras. At Body and Zen we have developed a signature range of essential oil blends that can help you to manage energy balance. 

ZODIAC ENERGY ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS: - Aromatherapy and astrology together certainly interested me! People born to the same astrology sign have similar personality traits. Once you match some of the common characteristics associated with a zodiac sign, both positive and challenging, you can look towards essential oils to help you nurture and heal both emotional and physical health problems. This has been the basis of our formulations and at Body & Zen we have created a range signature essential oil blends that will resonate with your zodiac sign. 

FIVE ELEMENT ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS: - The theory of the five elements is an integral aspect of the Ayurveda Healing System. The five elements theory is a system of correspondences and patterns, which include processes and functions of the body, mind and spirit. Each element is symbolically represented by Fire, Earth, Air, and Water & Ether. Body and Zen Five Element Blends can be enjoyed purely for their aromas or to help balance the five elements for a healthy lifestyle. 

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