Ether Element Oil Blend

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The ever-present dominant force encircling the Globe is the space also known as ether. What comes to your mind when you just look at the clear sky in the early hours of the day? This sight brings utmost joy, humbleness, openness, liberty and an immaculate ray of hope and light to me. Space also known as Ether. In physics, Ether is considered to be the medium through which light propagates. In ancient thought, it is the ever-present spiritual energy inherent in all parts of the universe and is the medium through which the powers of higher worlds act on the material plane. It symbolizes with Wisdom and Enlightenment.

Space is the mother of the other elements. The experience of space as luminous emptiness is the basis of higher spiritual experiences. Its adjective is “ethereal”, meaning: “light, airy, spiritual”. Usually in yogic realms it is referred to as “consciousness”.  The space element is associated with true-nature, authenticity, and integrity.  This element resonates with our inner truth and helps us find a personal way to convey our voice to the outside world. The rhythm of music, creativity of dance, the vibration of singing, and the communication we make through writing and speaking are all ways to express ourselves. This element is associated with communication, self-expression, self-worth, acceptance, acknowledgement, connection with spirit, identity, space, boundaries, time, travel, organization, ambiance, grief, pride, jealously, and humility.

Attributes: Space is everywhere and it is this space in the human heart that accepts and gives love without boundaries and in the body, it is considered as the container that accepts all kinds of impressions.  




Add 5-7 drops (0.3 ml) to water in a vaporizer or burner.

Add 10 drops (0.5 ml) to 15-25 ml of vegetable carrier oil for use in massage.

Add 1-2 drops (0.1 ml) to your DIY Skincare Base before application