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Herbal Skin Treatments

  • Ayurveda Sandalwood & Rose Skin Treatment Pack

    Ayurveda Anti Ageing Skin Treatment Pack ~ 250GMS

    Instructions: Make paste using distilled water / floral water - apply as face mask and wait till it completely dries and starts to crumble.  Remove using wet towel rinse face and pat dry. Use twice a week for optimal results.  Ingredients ...

  • Ayurveda Neem Pack

    Ayurveda Neem Skin Treatment Pack ~ 250GM

    Green clay is an organic material containing a host of essential natural minerals, iron oxides, and decomposed plant material such as kelp and seaweed. It stimulates the blood and lymph circulation while absorbing the toxins and removing dead skin cells...

  • Ayurvedic Turmeric Ubtan

    Ayurveda Turmeric Skin Treatment Pack - 250GMS

    Ayurveda Turmeric Treatment Pack  Instructions: Add 1 tablespoon Almond or Wheat Germ Oil, 1 tablesoon Rose Water / Purified Water, 1 tablespoon skin of boiled milk / malai (Optional)    Apply as Paste on Face -Let it stay and dry on...