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Numbers have a profound effect on our lives. Everything from the time and date of our birth to the current year – each of these numbers have specific implications in the fate of a person, their life’s growth and prosperity and their propensity to fail. 

This workshop provides all of the information to jump right in and begin using numerology to assist in providing clients, friends, family with essences that will enhance their health, well-being and life 

If you want to learn something about yourself or want to get a clue what is going on with you and your life – your higher purpose – do this workshop. It helps a lot and makes things easier to deal with!


The mysterious effect of numbers on people’s personalities and course of life has always been evident. The influential numbers relevant to our lives define the essence of who we are, how our lives are going to unfold, our strength and weaknesses, our creative aptitude, important relationships and professional success. By learning numerology, you will get the insights necessary to identify the numbers important in your life and use them effectively to understand the meaning and path of your life. By making the right choices and initiating the right changes at the right time, you can begin to give shape to a life that you always desired! 

Whether you are an absolute beginner in the world of numerology or an advanced practitioner, this ever evolving dynamic field of learning Numerology will keep you involved.


  • Numerology is another piece to the puzzle of the mystery of a human being. Take the mystery and complexity out of numerology and learn how to apply it in your everyday life.
  • Learn Personality Insights into why people are who they are, and understanding myself. 
  • It will provide you with tools to make changes to your life. 
  • Numerology will give another dimension to understanding yourself and others.
  • This information allows greater in-sight into an individual's Strengths & Challenges.
  • Learn how you could use Numerology to improve yourself and your Relationships.
  • Your Date of Birth reveals the best Career Path you should choose to enjoy a rewarding life.
  • Understand the hidden meaning behind birth dates, life cycles and name 


This workshop is suited to the beginner through to the advanced practitioner and NO previous experience is necessary. Learn how to quickly, easily and effectively apply basic numerology principles in everyday life. This course includes:

  • Concept of Numerology 
  • Inherent essence of each numbers
  • The significance of master numbers
  • Demystifying your Date of Birth
  • Your Ruling Numbers - Life's Primary Pathway
  • The Day Numbers - The Other Side of You
  • Name Number – The vibration you emit
  • Discover Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Health, Career and Relationships by Life path
  • Compatibility and Soulmates
  • How to use Numerology Grids
  • How to plan your life and analyse the past with numerology
  • How to recognise major strengths and weaknesses inherent in the chart
  • Personal Year Cycles - 9 Year Cycles of Change
  • Your Destiny, Life Purpose & Future Potential
  • Predicting Your Future Using Personal Years, Months and Days


  • Vegetarian lunch based on Ayurveda Cooking principles is provided during the workshop; however you could bring in your lunch if you wish. The lunch menu will include Basmati Rice, Lentil Soup, Mixed Vegetable, Fresh Salad and Desert. All meals are home cooked. 
  • A calculator is required as you will be dealing with numbers.
  • You can also date of birth of your loved ones to do some live exercises in applying numerology.
  • All workshop materials provided including a comprehensive work manual is provided.


You will be able to do Numerology readings on individuals. With some decent practice you will learn how to make innovative techniques to extract information from numbers. One could keep it as a hobby, help friends and family, use as an entertainment tool at parties and events or start doing this professionally to create part time or full time income.