Goats Milk Skin Care

Posted by Body and Zen on 31st Dec 2014

Goats Milk Skin Care


When making products such as Soap or Creams a liquid is required. Manufacturer's generally use water and now with the demand of Goats Milk Products using milk is becoming a popular choice. The cream and the proteins that are present in the goat milk add a moisturizing effect to the products that is above and beyond what water can achieve. Recent studies show that Goats milk provides anti-aging properties. It aids in the regeneration of collagen under the skin, negating some of the visible signs of aging.

Goat milk contains the natural vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, for healthful skin care.

Goat's milk products deliver the nutrients of goat's milk straight to the skin, and offer many benefits to skin's appearance and health. Goat's milk products contain rich emollients and vitamins to moisturize and nourish the skin. Goat's milk contains capric-capryllic triglycerides, which are luxuriously effective in moisturizing skin, and goat's milk soap's gentle natural ingredients are beneficial to people with skin sensitivities or eczema


Someone who is allergic to drinking milk may or may not be able to use goat’s milk products. Test it on a small patch of skin inside your elbow to see. Most (but not all) people find they are just fine to use it on their skin.

Goat milk contains lots of nutrients like fats, proteins and other hormones that naturally benefit the skin. The benefits of goat milk can be felt by people suffering from various skin conditions or those just wanting to maintain youthful, rejuvenated skin.

Goat milk has a pH level similar to human skin; therefore, goat milk soap benefits the skin by protecting skin from daily bacterial and chemical invasions. PH, or also known as acidity, is important to skincare because our skin has what is called an "acid mantle." The acid mantle is a slightly acidic layer on our skin that acts a neutralizer, to the attacks to our body by microbial (such bacteria, viruses) and other contaminants. The light acids caprylic, capric, and caproic acids work together in Goats milk soap to maintain the perfect pH for human skin and hair.


Regular use of goats milk products makes a huge difference in how your skin feels. The epidermis endures a lot of abuse when exposed to harsh environmental conditions and commercial skin care products. This constant abuse to your skin leaves it feeling dry, taunt, irritated, even cracked and overall feeling generally uncomfortable. Over time, it can even affect the skins appearance by aging it prematurely. Skin allergies can be caused due to harmful chemicals in the commercial products causing redness, dryness accompanied with itching causing a lot of discomfort.

Sensitive Skin – Skin can be sensitive due to genetic disposition, Goats milk soap benefits people with sensitive skin because it doesn't contain additives like alcohol, petroleum and preservatives. This reduces the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Acne - Goats milk products along with right blend of essential oils benefits people with acne-prone skin because the proteins in milk kill acne-causing bacteria. Essential Oils and some of the carrier oils such as Neem Oil work very well and provide a solution the natural way.

Eczema - Eczema, a skin condition caused by red, itchy skin patches, benefits from goat milk soap since the natural nutrients in goat milk moisturizes skin and reduces itchiness in the skin. Oils such as Rosehip & Dead sea mud give added benefits to a soap made with Goats Milk base.

Skin Rejuvenation, Exfoliation & Moisturizing - The moisturizing benefits of goat milk surpass that of commercial products because of the natural creams in goat's milk. Goat milk soap sloughs off dead skin because of the alpha-hydroxy acids found in the milk and hence, acting as an exfoliating agent. The alpha-hydroxy acids break down the glue holding dead skin cells together. Alpha-hydroxy acid is well known for softening skin and leaving it rejuvenated for a younger appearance.


DRY ITCHY SKIN: Receives moisture, soft & soothing properties

SENSITIVE SKIN: Receives natural, non-irritating, properties

ACNE / ACNE SCARS: Notices a reduction in blemishes, pimples, redness, inflammation, acne and acne scars.

DULL SKIN: Finds more youthful glow.

AGED SKIN: Finds reduction of fine lines or wrinkles.

DRY FLAKY SKIN: Adds moisture and soothes eczema, psoriasis, sun burns and more.

OILY SKIN: Cleansed and protected from bacterial spread causing acne.